IOL: Nicholson expected to buy Brando's old home


23/07/2004 - 16:25:31

Hollywood actor Jack Nicholson is expected to buy the home of his late screen legend pal Marlon brando - to ensure his own privacy.

Brando, who died earlier this month, lived high above Los Angeles' Mulholland Drive for many years - in full view of Nicholson's sprawling abode which sits nearby.

To get to their homes, visitors are required to pass though a single electric gate.

But now that Brando is gone, pals say Nicholson is thinking of snapping up his home, which is worth a reported $10m (€8.2m).

A source says: "You drive to the right and it's Jack, to the left it was Marlon. Jack won't want anyone else up there.

"Marlon's property looked down onto Jack's houses - he'll want to keep his privacy."


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